Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to where the journey began

Went back to where my journey started I went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, I haven't been there in a year. When I went last year I was 100 lbs heavier and so uncomfortable in my own skin, but also on many of the rides.

So why did my journey start here you might ask, well last year when I was eating junk and not taking care of my body I of course complained about my weight and that I did want to get back on track, however I wasn't really that serious about it until that day June 30th, 2012; when I was kicked off of two rides due to my size. 

words can not express how embarrassed I was, the first ride not only did I get told I couldn't fit, but the contraption of a seat belt got stuck and they had to stop the ride for the time being to get it off me, and this ride faced a crowd. The second ride (which is pictured) I was facing the crowd and they couldn't get the chest piece down on me and I again was kicked off in front of people watching. 

Of course it was embarrassing because there were people watching, but in the end I was disappointed in myself for not taking care of myself and letting my weight get so out of control. That weekend I made a decision to start with a personal trainer and start living a healthier lifestyle. Of course with anything it takes time to build those healthy habits, so I started slow. I started with working out 3 days a week with my trainer and eating somewhat healthy when I felt I could, I did this for about a month. I wasn't seeing any weight gain, but I also wasn't seeing any weight loss, and I realized I was still making lots of unhealthy choices when it came to my eating and I wasn't working out enough. 

So by end of August I started working out 5 days a week, some days twice a day! And cleaned up my diet completely - I noticed a huge change not only in the scale but in how I felt! And here I am a year later keeping up with my workouts, but still occasionally struggling with the eating part, but I'm nowhere I used to be! I have so much more control and so much more forgiveness for myself when I slip. So needless to say I did indulge in some yummy treats at the boardwalk this weekend and I don't regret it, because that following Monday was a new start, and a new week. And I've so far from where I used to be! A year ago I had no self control when it came to what I ate, and I made every excuse in the book why I couldn't possibly lose weight, so while yes I may have suffered some short term embarrassment it also changed my life! (My brother and I and enjoying some Filipino Ube ice cream)

So whatever your goals, however far you have to go, never give up and start with the baby steps first! Any step towards your goal is a step in the right direction, eventually you will ramp it up and get where you need to. Remember 21 days to build a habit, the point is to keep going and don't lose sight of your goals, and most importantly.........BE PATIENT! I still have a ways to go, but I know I just need to keep being consistent and patient, and understand that with failure come success! It's all in your attitude!

Always follow your heart, never give up on your dreams, and always fuel your passion!

Signing off, 

AJ-ility Fitness (Angelique)




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